2 Great Tips For Using Your Smart Thermostat

After you install that sleek glass smart thermostat, you might feel like your heating and cooling troubles are over. After all, since that state-of-the-art device learns from your actions and allows you to adjust settings wirelessly, you might feel like programming and maintaining your new system will be a breeze. Unfortunately, some homeowners develop bad habits early on or overlook system features. Here are two great tips for using your new smart thermostat, so you can use your device to its full potential:

1: Double Check Your Behavior

Do you remember the last time you switched on your air conditioner? Your smart thermostat does. One of the reasons that smart thermostats save users upwards of $180 a year on energy costs is because they constantly monitor your actions, learning and adjusting to suit your habits. Unfortunately, the same feature that makes smart thermostats so efficient can also be detrimental—if you don't pay attention to your actions. Here are a few things you should watch out for, and how they could affect the functionality of your smart thermostat:

  • Helping Hands: If your family is like most, you might have family members who prefer the house warmer or cooler than others. Unfortunately, if everyone in your family has easy access to the smart thermostat, it might confuse your system. If family members input conflicting preferences, your thermostat might "learn" from their behavior, clicking on and off at the wrong times in the future.
  • Dual Zone Homes: If you have a multi-story home, you might have dual-zone climate control or a separate heater and air conditioner for each level. Unfortunately, if you also have a separate smart thermostat for each section, it might be easy to overlook the system you don't use as frequently. Unfortunately, if you forget about that upstairs panel, your system could be blasting cold air when you aren't paying attention.

To avoid problems, take the time to perform thermostat audits from time to time. Check all of the thermostats in your house to look for strange system settings or family member overrides. If you have a problem with meddling family members, consider setting system passwords and locking your thermostat.

2: Look For Third Party Apps

These days, companies are all about working together to make their products more useful. Instead of tightly controlling smart thermostat technology, some companies now offer access to public application protocol interfaces, also called an API, so that third party developers can create apps that work with your smart system. If you really want to use your smart thermostat to its full potential, look for third party applications to help you to do things like this with your thermostat:

  • Lighting Systems: Smart thermostats often work in conjunction with home automation and lighting systems, which is why some developers are working on ways to help your lights to tell you things about your home's climate. For example, you might be able to set your LED lighting to flash blue when the air clicks on, or to flash red if your home automation system detects smoke.    
  • Special Effects: Third party application engineers are doing a lot more than making your home safer. Believe it or not, your smart thermostat can even be adjusted to mimic the climate of movies you are watching. For example, if you are watching a scary movie set in the chilly woods, some applications can switch on the air conditioning and boost the humidity to match the action.
  • Garage Door Closures: Your smart thermostat might be programmed to turn the air off whenever you leave the house, but what happens if you leave your phone at home? Without that GPS tracking, your thermostat might assume you are still home and continue to crank out the climate controlled air. However, some third party applications work in conjunction with your garage door settings, so that your system can adjust based on when you leave in your car.

By taking the time to perform thermostat audits and install helpful applications, you might be able to keep your home the perfect temperature. Ask contractors in your area, like Weather Control Air Conditioning, Inc., if they can help you with your smart thermostat.