Sick Summer Nights: 4 Symptoms That Could Be Caused By Your Central AC

Common illnesses and colds are typically reserved for the winter months, so it may be surprising when you find yourself sneezing, coughing, and having other illnesses during the summer months. As you try to escape the heat and enjoy the cool air from a central AC unit, you should be aware of potential problems that the AC is causing. When going to bed during the summer, there are four illness symptoms that could directly correlate with central air problems. By working with a 24 hour AC repair company, you can have the air conditioner fixed and ensure that your cool air doesn't come with any negative side effects.

Headaches & General Sickness

As you go to into a cooled down room for the night, you may notice that you are falling asleep with a headache or general sickness. If these headaches are occurring multiple nights a week, the cause may be directly linked to your air conditioner. In many cases, the room temperature is too cold. Your body cannot properly calibrate its internal temperature and the drastic change from hot to cold is what's causing the headache.

To help mediate the situation, try adjusting your central AC up five to ten degrees. If you feel like the temperature settings are not correct, then a professional can come examine your unit. The thermostat may need new batteries or a full replacement if it has malfunctioned.

Dry Skin & Dehydration

Another problem that can be caused by too low temperatures is dry skin and dehydration. If you find yourself constantly reaching for lotion or consuming more water, then your discomfort may be caused by temperature settings that are too low. Try kicking up the thermostat for a few days to week to notice any change in symptoms. You can also work with a technician to set timers for your unit so that the unit is not constantly on and you can enjoy various changes in air flow.

Coughing & Congestion

If you have your summer allergies under control and notice that you're coughing more when inside the home, then there could be an issue with air quality that is caused by the AC unit. One of the biggest problems that can cause coughing is the air conditioner filter. When filters are clogged or broken, particles can fill up the air and can lead to problems like persistent coughing and congestion.

A leaking or broken duct system in your unit can also lead to reduced air quality. This could let particles and other things into your home before it properly passes through a filter system. An AC service technician has the ability to clean your filter, replace the filter, and repair any filter issues that are occurring. A full inspection on your duct system can also check for any leaks. These leaks can be patched or specific parts of the ducts can be completely replaced.

Airborne Sicknesses

Central AC units are commonly housed outdoors. While these units are essential for cooling your home, they can appear to be a great nesting spot for animals and critters around your neighborhood. When animals get inside the unit, things like droppings or decaying animals can allow particles and diseases to spread through the air. If you have a sudden, unexplained airborne sickness, it's important not to rule out animals as the cause. A service worker can examine your unit for any tampering and ensure that it is properly cleaned. Along with animals, things like mold inside your unit can also cause these airborne sicknesses. A full cleaning and inspection will eliminate both problems.

By ruling out the air conditioner as a problem, you can breathe in fresh air, reduce sick symptoms, and enjoy the whole summer in a cool home.