Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Be Easy

Your air conditioning system is a very important part of being comfortable in the hot summer months. In fact, having your air conditioning go out during the summer can make for a long, hot, miserable summer day. Unfortunately the summer is when you will be using the air conditioning the most, and so this is when the air conditioning is most likely to go out. The good news is there are a few different things that you can do that will help prevent the system from failing you when you need it most. 


One of the most important things that you can remember is that it is important to keep your air conditioning system as clean as possible. A big part of keeping the internal parts of the system clean is the filtering system. The filter is what keeps most of the dust and the other debris from entering the air conditioning system in the first place. If you do not exchange the filter, then you could be allowing dust and other debris to enter the air conditioning system. This can cause it to bind up and not run properly.

 Th Air Ducts

Often overlooked are the air ducts, but these are a very important part of the air conditioning system. If the air ducts are blocked then it can put a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on the system. If things are stressed or strained, the system is much more likely to have a major problem. So, you can simply clean the vents yourself. To do this go in each room in the home and use a high powered vacuum to suck all the dust and the other debris out of the vents. This will allow the air to flow through the air ducts much easier. 

Air Compressor

Without the air compressor you would simply not have any cool air. So, it is important that you keep the compressor running at full capacity. First thing that you should do is ensure that there is no debris inside or outside the unit obstructing air flow. If you need to, cut back any vegetation that could potentially cause problems with air flow. You should also make the compressor completely level. The compressor has different coils that coolant runs through, if the unit is not completely level then the coolant is not able to flow through the unit properly, and your system will not function properly. 

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