Why Isn't Your Window Air Conditioner Cooling Well Anymore?

Your window air conditioner used to do a great job of keeping you cool, but this year, it's barely cooling your room off at all? Before you throw it out and get a new one, consider these possible explanations for your problem.

A Clogged Filter

Window air conditioners units suck in air through a filter. The filter traps dust and grime so it does not get re-circulated into your home. But once the filter gets too packed with dust, your air conditioner will struggle to push air through it. The unit may overheat, counteracting some of its cooling effect, or the exchange of "coolness" across the coils may become inhibited as they become dusty, too. 

Luckily, you can clean a window AC unit's filter in just a few minutes. Turn the appliance off, and then pop off or unscrew the front of the air conditioner. You should then see the filter -- it looks like an accordion-folded piece of fabric. Vacuum the filter off, and then rinse it with some plain water. let it dry for a few hours, and then put it back into place before replacing the front panel of the air conditioner. Hopefully your AC is restored to its former cooling capacity!

A Stuck Fan

The fan is meant to circulate air over the coils and then blow it into the room. If the fan gets partially stuck, your AC unit may still blow out some air, but the air may not be as cold as it should be. Turn off the power to your air conditioner, and remove its front cover. Take a look at the fan. Is there any dirt stuck in it that might keep it from turning? Sometimes, threads may become wound around the fan, causing it to get stuck. If you see any of these problems, removing the culprit will restore the air conditioner's cooling capacity.

Electrical Issues

If neither of the issues discussed above seem to be to blame for your air conditioner's reduced capacity, then perhaps your air conditioner's wiring has been compromised. A connection between the coils and the fan may be failing, or a connection with the thermostat may be poor. For instance, a bad connection with the thermostat may cause the air conditioner to turn off before the room reaches the desired temperature. An AC repair company can take a look at the unit and fix any of these issues that they may find. For more information, contact a service like All American Air & Electric, Inc..