Tips To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Air Conditioning System

Your business's air conditioner may be vital on hot days, but many business leaders will have concerns about the environmental impacts of using these systems. If you are finding yourself worried about minimizing the environmental impacts of running your air conditioning system, you may feel like there is nothing that can b done without forgoing the use of these systems. Yet, there are several steps that can help avoid environmental damage while still allowing you to utilize these systems.

Perform Regular Maintenance On The System

One of the most important things that you can do to minimize the environmental damage from running an air conditioning system is to make sure that is runs as efficiently as possible. This will require you to perform regular maintenance on these systems, but this will not be difficult. Typically, the only work that you will have to do yourself is to change the air filter as a clogged air filter can force the system to expend more energy to pull enough air into the system. Additionally, a yearly service visit will ensure the system is properly lubricated and the moving components are aligned.

Be Mindful Of Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in the system is responsible for transporting the heat away from the air that is being cooled. While this fluid is essential for allowing this system to function, it can be extremely hazardous. This makes preventing leaks critical if you are to minimizing the environmental impacts of your business. Regularly inspecting the area around the air conditioning system will allow you to find these leaks so that the amount of refrigerant that enters the environment is minimized. Additionally, you may find that placing the exterior unit on a paved surface will help to prevent any refrigerant that does leak out to be blocked from entering the soil.

Consider Utilizing Renewable Power

Cooling a large commercial structure will require an immense amount of power to do. Not surprisingly, this can contribute to environmental problems by increasing the demand for fossil fuel burning electrical sources. You can help to reduce the amount of carbon that is produced powering your business by using renewable power. In particular, solar panels can be added to these systems to greatly reduce the amount of power that will be drawn from the local electrical grid. If you are not sure whether your current air conditioning system will support this upgrade, you can have an air conditioning technician inspect your system.