How You Can Use The Same Energy (Or Less) And Stay Cooler

Summer is finally here! And much as you are glad, you are also worried about the high energy bills as a result of using the AC. You either have to endure the heat or the high bills, right? Wrong. With the right measures, you can still enjoy a comfortable summer without getting into financial ruin. Below are practical tips on how you can do that:

Energy Efficiency Rating

The first thing you need to look at is the energy efficiency rating (EER) of your AC. The higher the rating the more energy efficient it will be. This means that it will give you more cooling for less energy. The recommended EER for ACs is 8 or above. Look out for the energy star logo as well. You may also call your AC repair services for an energy efficiency audit of your current AC system.


Buying the right size air conditioner for your room increases its energy efficiency. If the air conditioner is too small, the room will not warm enough. If on the other it is too big for the room, the on/off cycle will be too frequent, causing it to overwork, thereby using more energy.

Usually, air conditioner output is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). The recommended size for most homes is 25 BTU per square foot. This means that you will need a BTU of 7,500 to cool a 300 square foot room.

AC Settings

A digital temperature panel will allow you to set the exact temperature you want in your home, rather than just specifying higher or lower. Both these measures will ensure you do not get more than you need from your AC.

A Programmable thermostat or timer will also allow you to pre-set temperatures for different times of the day. You may choose to save energy at night.

Set your thermostat to "Auto" instead of "On". The "On" setting lets your AC run continuously while on "Auto", it only runs when needed.


Gaps in your house will allow hot air in and let cool air out. This will make your AC work harder and consume more energy. Seal gaps around the windows and doors and insulate the attic for better cooling.

For your AC to give you optimum service, you need to pay attention to its energy efficiency and size before purchase. After buying it, you need to use and maintain it properly. Contact local ac repair services for more information and assistance.