3 Effective Options for Reducing Heating Costs This Winter

Winter is coming and while you may be pulling holiday decorations and coats, hats, and boots from your attic, you should also be focusing on your heating season. On average, half of your home's total energy use goes to heating and cooling, so improper maintenance and preparation can cause you to waste a great deal of energy during this upcoming cooler season. With these tips, you can reduce your heating costs in an effective manner this winter.

1. Use Your Windows

Every morning when the sun comes up, open up your window treatments to allow the sun's natural light and heat come into your home.

The sun will be the strongest on the walls and windows of the southern side of your home. Make sure to open blinds and drapes on these windows to allow the sun's heat in during the morning and all through the afternoon. In the evening, close the window treatments to prevent heat loss.

2. Use Your Thermostat

Many people sleep better when it is cooler in the home, and this can actually help save on heating costs during the winter season. Of course, you will need to learn how to operate your thermostat to lower temperatures in the house while you are sleeping at night.

Lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat by just 7 to 10 degrees for around 8 hours a day can reduce heating and cooling costs by 10 percent. At night, lower your temperature setting to not only sleep better in the cooler environment but also to reduce the cost of heating your home through the winter.

3. Use Your Fans

You may be surprised to learn your ceiling fans are not only for circulating air to cool your home. Your fans can actually be used to move heated air throughout the home as well.

Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction of the air's movement. In the winter, your ceiling fans should be switched to run clockwise. This direction pulls air upward, which pushes heated air down through the room.

By using your ceiling fans, you can warm rooms in your house without running your heating system longer. Proper use of your ceiling fans can help conserve energy, which will save you money throughout the heating season.

Heating your home will be an expense, but you do not have to waste energy or money. These simple and effective tips will help you conserve heating costs during the winter season. If you need your heating and cooling system to be repaired, contact an hvac repair technician to ensure your system is running properly to reduce costs.