3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Air Conditioner

It's nice to be able to escape the summer heat by entering an air-conditioned space. Commercial property owners know the importance of a functional air conditioner when it comes to the performance of employees and the comfort of clients.

Replacing a commercial air conditioning unit can be very expensive, so you must do everything possible to keep your AC unit running efficiently for as long as possible. Be proactive in extending the life of your air conditioner with these tips.

1. Monitor Refrigerant Levels

Many commercial AC units contain a liquid refrigerant. This chemical is designed to aid in the cooling process. Older units can develop a refrigerant leak over time. Leaking refrigerant liquid will compromise your unit's ability to adequately cool your commercial space.

You should monitor refrigerant levels by checking around your AC unit for evidence of a leak on a regular basis. Your AC unit may be located on the roof of your commercial building, so use caution when climbing up to inspect the unit for potential refrigerant leaks.

2. Keep Filters Clean

A dirty air filter can lead to the premature failure of your AC unit. The filter is responsible for eliminating any contaminant particles from the air before it is cooled and circulated through your commercial space. As the filter becomes clogged with contaminants, the air cannot pass freely through the filter.

Your AC unit will have to work harder to produce enough cooled air to keep your commercial space comfortable when the filter is dirty. The added workload can cause the AC unit to give out before it should. Check the condition of your air filter regularly and swap out dirty filters immediately to extend the life of your commercial AC system.

3. Set a Comfortable Temperature

It's important that you keep your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature if you want to extend the life of your air conditioner.

Some people think that turning down the thermostat temperature will cause a commercial space to cool more quickly. This is not the case. The only thing the lowered temperature will accomplish is putting a significant amount of strain on the air conditioner as it tries to compensate.

If you maintain a constant and comfortable temperature instead, the air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool your commercial space. Reducing the workload extends the life of your AC unit, allowing you to avoid the cost of a premature AC replacement.