AC Out? Follow These Steps!

Being without air conditioning can be a hassle, especially on a hot and humid day. Depending on just how high temperatures are climbing, being without air conditioning could even be downright dangerous. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy troubleshooting steps you can take before you call your local air conditioning repair service. You never know—one of these tips could save you from needing to spend your hard-earned money on a service call.

Check the Breaker Panel

Sometimes, a sudden power surge (common during the summer months) can cause breakers in your home to trip. If the breaker that runs your air conditioning unit has tripped, this will cause your AC to go out until the breaker is reset. Locate the breaker box in your home (these are often located in garages, basements, or even outside the home) and check to see if any circuits have tripped. If your breakers are labeled, this will make your life easier.

If resetting the breaker that controls your AC resolves the problem, you're good to go. Just be sure to call an electrician if you continue to experience tripping breakers.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

If a tripped circuit isn't to blame for your AC woes, be sure to check the outdoor condenser unit for signs of obvious problems. One of the most common causes of AC issues is that of overgrown landscaping, which could block ventilation of the condenser unit itself. If there is any tall grass or shrubbery obstructing your outdoor AC unit, try trimming it back and see if that resolves the problem.

Don't Forget the Thermostat 

Many thermostats are hard-wired, but if something went wrong with your device's wiring, your thermostat would rely on the battery back-up. When was the last time you replaced your back-up batteries? If it's been more than a couple years, try replacing these.

Call a Professional

If none of these tips help get your AC working again, then it's definitely time to call a professional. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to troubleshoot and diagnose exactly what's going on with your air conditioning and provide you with options for repair. In some cases, a temporary repair may even be possible to get cool air running through your home same-day. From there, you can enjoy renewed comfort and the peace of mind in knowing that your air conditioning problems are being taken care of.