High-Tech AC Features To Help Keep Your House Comfortable

If you are still using a traditional air conditioner (AC), then you may be missing out on many high-tech features that can make your house comfortable. Some of these features come integrated with new ACs, while others can be installed later. Below are some of the high-tech air conditioning features you should be thinking of.

Dehumidification Mode

Although many ACs also act as dehumidifiers by removing moisture from the air, dehumidification is usually a secondary feature. This means many ACs cannot handle humid environments since they can only remove a little moisture from the air. However, some ACs come with dehumidification modes that allow them to act as full-fledged dehumidifiers at the touch of a button. This feature is especially handy during the rainy days when the air is extremely humid.

Touch Controls

Many people prefer touch controls to physical buttons. Many ACs now also come with touch controls with sizable screens that display settings. The display's controls are visible even in the dark for ease of operations. The functionality is the same, just like other forms of controls in that you use the touch controls to program the thermostat or set precise temperatures.

Automatic Vents

Ordinarily, you must use your hands to open and close air vents mechanically. Automatic vents, on the other hand, rely on various sensors and thermostats to detect when to open or close vents. If your AC system is equipped with a smart vent, you don't have to walk from room to room opening or closing vents when some rooms are colder than others.


Thermostat programming allows you to input settings for several days so that the AC can work without further input from you. For example, you can program the AC to go off when you know you will be out of the house, set specific temperatures for cold or hot days, and set different temperatures for the day and night times.

Smart Control

Lastly, some ACs also come with internet connections for controlling various aspects of the AC. Most of the controls that are possible over the internet are those that pass through the thermostat. For example, you can switch off the AC remotely or lower the temperature. However, there are also smart vents that you can control remotely.

Talk to an AC technician to assess your system and advise you on features you can use to improve your cooling system. If you are on the verge of replacing your AC, ask the technician about some of the features to look out for in new models.