Warning Signs of Serious Heating Problems

Heating damages and problems can be a significant issue that every homeowner will need to address when they arise. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the homeowner to be able to effectively warm the interior of the house when the temperature outside is cold. While some heating problems can be obvious, there are others that may not be as easily noticeable.

Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy costs can be an indicator that the heating unit is suffering a major problem. For example, an electric heating system may expend far more energy if the blower is not working optimally as the unit will produce far more heat than what is able to make it into the home. Additionally, gas or oil systems can require far more fuel in order to produce the same amount of heat. Paying attention to your monthly energy bills during the winter months can help you recognize these issues as they are developing.

Burning Odors When the Unit Has Been Running for a While

It can be common for your heating unit to create a burning odor when it is turned on for the first time after many weeks or months. This is due to dust on the unit burning off when it is first turned on. However, if you are noticing these odors when the unit has been running for an extended period of time, it will likely indicate that there is a problem with the unit. In some instances, this could create conditions that may make a fire extremely likely. As a result, you may want to turn off the unit until it can be completely repaired once you notice these problems developing.

Radiators Failing to Become Warm Enough

Depending on the design of your heating system, it may rely on radiators to transport the heat that is generated throughout the home. Unfortunately, a common problem for radiators can be air pockets forming in them. These air pockets will be able to actually stop the flow of steam or hot water through the radiators, and this can prevent the room from becoming warm. While air pockets in the radiators can create major performance problems, this is a problem that is relatively simple to repair. For example, most radiators will have a valve on them that can be used to release any air that may have gotten trapped in the unit. While it is normal for this problem to periodically occur over the years, it should not be an issue that is regularly happening. If this is the case, it may indicate a rupture in the system that is allowing warm air to enter. When needed, heater repair is extremely helpful in these situations.