4 Signs You Need AC Replacement In Your Office

Is your office AC breaking down too often and racking up a big repair bill? Knowing when to replace it can make a difference in office productivity and also save you money. You will also enjoy the latest technology and higher efficiency. What are the signs it is time for AC replacement? 

Repair Bill Is Unsustainable 

If the repair bill is too high, it is time to think of an alternative. The AC is a complex appliance requiring routine maintenance every month. However, there are certain expensive repairs that should not happen more than once in its lifetime. If you need to do any of these repairs  the second time, it is better to go for a new unit:

  • Compressor replacement — This component enables the refrigerant to move around, collecting heat and dumping it outside. Replacing a compressor is very expensive, costing upwards of a thousand dollars for some models. It is better to go for a new unit with a compressor that is under warranty.
  • Condenser replacement — This unit is one of the most complex in an HVAC system. Its problems are difficult to diagnose and parts expensive to purchase. If the AC needs condenser replacement more than once, go for a new AC. 
  • Refrigerant filling — Refilling refrigerant in older units has become very expensive because Freon has become scarce. If your AC needs Freon replacement, go for a new one with a cheaper refrigerant. 

AC Is Beyond Its Service Life

Is your AC older than 15 years? An AC that is beyond its life expectancy will break down frequently. It is also less efficient than newer models in terms of SEER ratings. Keep in mind that the law in your state may also have set minimum SEER ratings, which may force you to replace a unit that does not meet the standards.

Rising Energy Bills 

The AC is the usual suspect when there are unexplained hikes in the energy bill. A failing AC will lower its efficiency. It works harder, which takes up more power than expected, hence the rise in the power bill. If the power bill keeps rising despite AC repairs, it is time to think of a new unit.

AC Runs on Freon 

The US banned Freon or R22 production starting January 2020 because of its harm to the environment. It has made this refrigerant very scarce and expensive. If your AC uses Freon, you might consider replacing it even if it is not damaged. 

Is it time for your old AC to go? Consult with a professional HVAC contractor for newer options with better technology and efficiency fit for a modern office. 

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